Dress code

Många skolor i USA har dress codes och vissa har skoluniformer men den skolan jag kommer gå på (Lyle High School) har inte jätte strikta dress codes men ändå mycket striktare än i Sverige. Tänkte att jag skulle klistra in vad som står på skolans hemsida, om ingen vill läsa det så hoppa bara över det men om man är intresserad så finns det här :) Nu tänkte jag sova, sista dagen i skolan imon för på fredag åker jag till Stockholm med pappa, Patrik och min kusin för att se Bon Jovi och vara i Sthlm över helgen! :)

Clothes worn to school shall be clean and have no revealing holes.

Clothing and accessories shall not be hazardous to student’s safety.

Gang apparel is unacceptable.

Baseball caps will be allowed only in the hallways, Baseball caps must be worn with the bill forward.

Baseball caps may not be altered.

Blankets may not be used or carried around in school. Please leave blankets at home and if you are cold wear appropriate clothing.

Stocking caps/beanies/bandannas and all other headgear are not allowed.

Caps with gang monikers or graffiti or other identifiable gang symbols may not be worn.

Spikes, studs and chains for wallets, keys, etc. are not permitted.

Sagging pants are not permitted.

Pajama and lounge style pants are not appropriate to wear to school.

Shoes shall be worn at all times while the student is at school. Closed shoes are preferred for safety reasons. Slippers are not considered appropriate footwear.

Halter tops, spaghetti straps, strapless tops or dresses, low cut tank tops, bare midriffs, bare backs are not permitted.

Shorts or skirts must not be revealing or too short. The shorts or skirts must be no higher than mid-thigh length.

Hoods on jackets are not to be worn inside the building.

Underwear including bra straps shall not be visible

Dark glasses shall not be worn indoors.

Clothing, backpacks, and jewelry will be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia which are crude or sexually suggestive or which advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice.

Clothing promoting alcohol, drug, and/or tobacco messages are unacceptable.

Belts must be continually looped through belt loops - not hanging.

Backpacks are to be kept free of graffiti, lettering, names of bands, etc.

Any clothing, hair color or body piercing that disrupts teaching or student learning will be considered inappropriate.

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